• Expectations and Policies

    Mrs. Maxwell

    8th grade Language Arts - on level and honors

    Room 701


    Phone policy:

    This class abides by the school’s policy that phones (and other devices such as tablets, etc.) will be put away and turned off during the entirety of the school day. However, there are some instances in class where students may use their phones for certain activities. Students will be made aware when this is the case and should only use their device for what is instructed. Otherwise, devices should be kept in the student’s backpack at all times and silenced.

    Late Work:

    The team policy is that late work will be graded from a half credit standpoint and will continue to go down every day/week that the assignment is late. There is a late work basket in front of the classroom for turning in late work. Students who have excused absences will have the same number of days that they were gone to make up their work. Students who are aware that they will be absent should get any assignments before they are absent to stay on track.

    Leaving Class:

    Students will leave class when they are called by the office or when they want to use one of their bathroom passes. Students only receive two bathroom passes every quarter for each teacher on the team so they should be used wisely. Students will also be required to sign out when leaving and returning to class to maintain a record. Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom during SSR and should plan their bathroom breaks accordingly.


    Students should be in their seats and ready to begin their warm up/writing in their agenda as soon as the bell rings. As soon as the bell rings students will stop talking to their peers and begin their assigned task/receive instructions for the day. If a student is not in their seat or classroom when the bell rings they are tardy. Three instances of being tardy will result in a referral.

    Behavior and consequences:

    Behavior will be handled on a 1-2-3 step sequence. Step one is a warning for the student to cease the behavior immediately. This is either a quiet verbal warning or a tap on the desk to refocus. If the behavior continues the student will get warned a second time and will be notified of the consequences they will receive at step three. If the behavior persists past the second warning the following may be possible consequences depending on severity: Moving desks/seating, told to remain after class for a discussion, detention, referrals, etc.


    There is a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism. The first time a student plagiarizes they and their guardian will be notified. If the assignment is major the student will have a chance to re-do that assignment for half credit within a certain time period. After the first occurrence on the major assignment the next one will automatically receive a zero. Smaller assignments will receive a score of zero if plagiarized. More serious consequences may occur if the student is plagiarizing constantly. 

    Materials needed:

    Students will need the following materials for class:

    • Composition notebook
    • Required Novels
    • Space in team binder for Language Arts
    • Pencils, pens, highlighters
    • Loose leaf paper


    Students should be writing in their agendas every day as soon as the bell rings. They should write down if they have homework or not and always be writing down that they need to read 25 minutes for AR every night. Reading for AR every night is not Language Arts homework but a school-wide requirement. However, I will remind students to stay on top of their reading. Students should be checking the agenda board every day as soon as they enter class. Please check in with your student to make sure they are doing their homework.

    Infinite Campus:

    • Students should check Infinite Campus frequently to stay on top of their grades. The grade book is broken down as follows:

    Writing: 22.5%

    Speaking and Listening: 22.5%

    Reading: 22.5%

    Language: Grammar and Vocab: 22.5%

    AR: 5%

    Final: 5% (2nd quarter and 4th quarter)


    Mrs. Maxwell 8th grade Language Arts

    I understand and agree to the expectations and policies:

    Signature of guardian: _______________________________________ Date: ______________


    Signature of student: _________________________________________ Date: ______________