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    We begin AR on Monday October 21st.  This is where you can sign up for alerts when quizzes are taken and get more information, AR  Home Connect website.  


    You can search for books using the link on the main school website page for AR Book Finder.  

    Here is the home connect link:  https://global-zone08.renaissance-go.com/studentprogress/homeconnect?t=254902  (you need to copy and paste the link or it might not work for you)


    After closely reading a book within their reading level, a student can take an AR test in the classroom.  There are designated times throughout the day when they can do this.  The tests can only be taken at school.  Their AR book is usually a school library book, however, they can use a book from home or the public library.  Please utilize AR Book Finder to get the quiz number and level of the book.     School library books already have that information in them.  If your child forgets to bring their AR book to school, unless they are taking a quiz, they won't be able to do their AR reading for that day.  Please help them remember to bring their AR book to and from school.



    NOTE:  AR goals are reset for each new quarter after break.  We will begin from 0%.    Information will be coming home with the new reading levels and goals once STAR testing is complete.

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