• Homework Packet Information
    Homework assignments are given each evening Monday through Thursday, on Fridays if needed.  Homework is meant to reinforce concepts learned in class.  It gives the child an opportunity to practice these concepts independently. 

       Please check your child's GREEN daily homework packet. Your signature is required on the cover page of each daily homework packet. This signature ensures you have checked over their homework and it is completed to the best of their ability.

    Daily Homework

    • Spelling:  
      • Monday: abc order
      • Tuesday: vowel/consonant practice
      • Wednesday: phonogram sort
      • Thursday: parts of speech sort using the entire list for the week (30 words).
      • * As they begin writing more, there could be sentence writing practice instead of the usual spelling homework.  The sentences will be using the spelling words.
    • Mathematics - The 2-sided homework page in their "My Math" book.  They need to remember to bring their math book back to school the next day.
    • Language Arts - This paper will change daily depending on what needs to be practiced or reinforced.
    • Before you initial that the homework has been completed, please look it over and check for quality work, correctness, and Spalding handwriting.



    Homework is meant to take about 30 minutes or so plus the 20 minutes of independent reading.



    Homework will always be due the next day unless otherwise stated.  If it is not turned  in when due, they may turn it in the next day when it will be marked "late."  The exception is when a child has been absent.  When the child returns they will have one day for each day of absence to turn in the missing assignments.


    Completed homework must be turned in to count towards the homework "behaviors that promote learning" grade on progress reports and report cards.



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