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    Our A13 Classroom Weekly Newsletter will be e-mailed out every Friday.  The newsletter will highlight our celebrations of the week, upcoming information, and dates.  Every Friday your child will bring home a homework cover letter, Journeys comprehension questions, and a spelling list.  The cover letter will indicate the story of the week and the date for the upcoming spelling test.  Please refer to our first grade webpage to access the spelling practice pages.  You will need to print two spelling practice pages for your child to use each week.  As your child completes the menu of homework activities, please initial the menu items, and sign the bottom of the homework letter.  Please attach all homework pages to the cover letter and return in your child's homework folder every Friday.  Math workbook pages will be sent home on Tuesdays.  In addition, please encourage your child to complete his/her nightly reading log.

    Mrs. Yablon's Suggested Homework Schedule:

    Monday:  Spelling Practice

    Tuesday:  Math Practice

    Wednesday:  Journeys Comprehension Questions

    Thursday:  Spelling Practice


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