• Algebra 1 is the toughest freshman class in high school.  That being said, there are ways to be proactive so that you can still be successful in this class!


    Habits to consider getting into:

    1. Get Organized.  Lots of students struggle simply because they cannot find any of their notes in their backpacks.

    2. Study in small amounts.  Instead of spending an entire afternoon studying for one class, break it up so that you are only working on the class for an hour or so at a time and switch it up with a different class afterwards.  The "brain break" helps increase productivity!

    3. Pay attention in class.  This seems pretty obvious, but if you pay attention in class, the chances are much greater that you'll understand what is going on when you practice at home.

    4. Take notes in class.  Writing information down is one of the best ways to help retain it, as well as periodically reviewing the information throughout the year.

    5. Ask questions in class.  If you don't understand something, fix it while you are learning it!  More than likely, other students are wondering the same thing, or could still benefit from hearing it.


    Websites to help you review

    If you were gone for class (or you're reviewing for a test or a quiz) sometimes it helps to hear someone talk you through the material!

    1. Khan Academy: The speaker works through problems and explains them thoroughly.  There are also checkpoints to determine how well you are understanding the material that he is going through

    2. Math is Power 4 U: There is a great abundance of videos for Algebra 1 that can help students through any concepts that we are covering in class.


    Come in for Tutoring/Office Hours!

    If you are still struggling, you can always come in to see me and I will help you out with your work.