• Accelerated Reading Program


    Step 1 of the A.R. reading program is taking a STAR test. Your child takes this test to determine their approximate Grade Equivalency score. I use these scores along with other assessment data to determine your child's reading range. Your child is assigned a color to match their reading range. This helps students independently choose A.R. books that are on their correct reading level. Your child's reading level will change throughout the year. The chart below shows colors and corresponding reading levels.
    Step 2 of the A.R. reading program is setting a quarterly reading goal. I will work with your child to set a reading goal for each quarter.  Parents can see their child's goal by setting up an A.R. Parent Connect Account. 
    Step 3 of the A.R. reading program is reading! To be sure your child is ready to take an A.R. test, you may want to go through these discussion questions/statements. The A.R. test  is a comprehension and vocabulary test. It is very important that your child is able to correctly answer questions about what they are reading. It is also important that your child is doing the reading of their A.R. book because they will need to read the A.R. test questions themselves without my help. 
    When you and your child feel that they are ready to take an A.R. test, please complete the A.R. Test Ticket form and return it to school. The Test Ticket MUST be signed by the parent to ensure that you have read the book with your child and you feel that your child’s comprehension level of the book is sufficient to pass the test with a score of 80% or higher. 

    Your student can only take A.R. tests at school however, you can easily see your child's score on each test by setting up an A.R. Parent Connect Account. Through Parent Connect you can even request an email of your child's test score as soon as they complete an A.R. test!