• Student Action Teams and Activities

    Student Action Teams, Clubs, and Activities 

    Student Action Teams

    Aviator Mail The Aviator Air Mail team is our school's postal service.  They process and deliver mail that students, teachers, and family members have written. Sponsor: Carolyn McCleary

    Aviator News Auxier news team will encourage leadership at Auxier as we report the weekly news with professionalism. Sponsor: Angie Neal

    Box Tops  Our mission is to collect and turn in as many Box Tops as we can. We go to each classroom and collect the Box Tops. We work as a team to help count and bag the Box Tops for each grade level. Then we can turn them in and help our school earn money to provide things our students need.

    Cafeteria Helpers  Sponsor: Robyn Nowlin

    Flag Raising Squad The mission of the Flag Squad is to raise/lower the flag correctly and on time while respectfully honoring our school and country. This team is open to 5th and 6th graders and meets as needed for training! Sponsor: Jaclyn Bradley

    Green Team  We focus on learning and sharing knowledge about the environment. Sponsor: Christie DeCarlo

    Kindness Kids  We fly united in kindness through our actions and words. Sponsor: Kris Burns

    Library Leaders  The Library Leaders are a group of 4th through 6th grade students who help younger students by working on literacy skills such as reading, phonograms, and phonics.  The library leaders also help keep the library organized by shelving books, taking care of the shelves, and keeping the library neat and tidy. Sponsors: Kerri Williams and Carolyn McCleary

    Safety Team  We help keep our campus safe! Sponsor: Amy Losey

    Student Lighthouse  Inspiring leaders while having fun and synergizing. Sponsors: Stephanie Moore and Mariel Olson


    Other Student Clubs

    Robotics Club Robotics Club uses VEX IQ Robotics and is open to 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Students. Coaches: Curt Landon, Kerri Williams, and Courtney Cook

    Girls on the Run / Heart and Sole  

    Auxier Cheer Team

    Running Club  Coach: Robyn Nowlin

    Senior Choir / Cadet Choir  The Senior Choir is open to students in grades 4-6 and the Cadet Choir is open to students in grades 1-3.

    Battle of the Books Coach: Kerri Williams

    Girls Who Code Facilitators: Curt Landon and Courtney Cook