• Freshman Honors English

    Welcome to Freshman Honors English! I am thrilled to have you (or your student) in class this year. English 9H is designed to provide students with engaging and challenging lessons to ensure mastery of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking. We read both literaray and informational works from a diverse array of authors. Students are expected to take control of their learning by taking the lead in the majority of learning activities. 

    Important Information

    Class blog -- I will update the blog on this site regularly (at least once per week). Please check the blog if you have questions about homework, assignments, test dates, etc. If you email me and the answer can be found on the blog, I will direct you there. 

    Syllabus -- Please read the syllabus carefully. You are responsible for knowing this information. Click here to view the syllabus.

    Google Classroom - Students will enroll in a Google Classroom where they can access notes, assignments, and readings. Please note that Google Classroom is NOT a substitute for the blog. Daily assignments will not always be posted there. Always follow the directions given in class and available on the blog for homework completion.