• Welcome to 7th Grade Science

    Welcome to 7th Grade Science with Mrs. Nall! In 7th grade this year, we will be focusing on Biology and Chemistry with the ultimate goal of taking classes like AP Biology, and AP Chemistry in your 9th and 10th grade years. This will ideally allow you to take all manner of science classes and perform exceptionally throughout high school. Biology is a laboratory science designed to provide a comprehensive survey of the life sciences, in a manner in which critical thinking skills are used to study all forms of life. Chemistry is also a laboratory science designed to provide an understanding of how the world around us works. Emphasis will be placed on facilitating student research both inside and outside the classroom.  We will explore connections that exist between science, technology, and the world around us.  As part of the honors requirements, this course integrates additional problem solving and reasoning skills as well as laboratory and field research skills.  This course will also have an extensive writing component for developing scientific literacy.


     We will be utilizing Google Classroom. Please log into google using your school account (sID#@gse.cusd80.com). You will joing my classroom during the beginning of the year. From there you will be able to access powerpoints, assignments and chapter quizzes.

    Course syllabus

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    Distant Learning expectations:

    • You will need to complete the daily attendance each time your class is scheduled to attend.

    • All assignments will follow a due date

    • Any assignments turned in after the due date will be subject to the late work policy (see below)

    • There will be 2 graded assignments per week and a participation grade for completing all assignments for the week

    • I will be available during class time for any help you need.

    • I will have live times when we can meet face to face through google meet.

    • Please email me at nall.kate@cusd80.com if you need anything through distant learning.


    Fall Final Exam Study Resources




    • Scientific Method

    • Ecological Principles

    • Biological Evolution

    • DNA

    • Characteristics of Life

    • Basic Cells

    • Genetics

    • Hardy-weinberg

    • Energy, Matter, and Organization

    • Atomic Structure


    Helpful Websites for Roots

    Online Etymology Dictionary

    Online Dictionary

    Learn That Word

    Root Word Dictionary



     ·        Biology. Miller & Levine. No books will be issued. Online access will be discussed in class.



    Recommended Materials

    • COMPOSITION book for labs

    • Student planner

    • Pen/Pencil/Paper

    • Colored pencils

    • scientific calculator

    • We may use a cell phone with internet browser