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     →  Meet the Teacher Presentation  (please review before our meeting time)

    Items students should have by the first day in person:

    *  1” 3-ring Binder

    *  Medium sized pencil box

    *  Five 3-hole Pocket Folders

            -(Labeled: Math, Writing, Science/Social Studies, Spelling, take-home)

    *  Four composition books or notebooks labeled with name on front

    *  Package of erasers (pencil top or handheld)

    *  Scissors

    *  Clear 12" Ruler

    *  Headphones/Earbuds in labeled baggie for computer use

            -Needs to have a standard plug in order to work with our laptops


    Items that would be greatly appreciated:

    * Tissues/Kleenex

    * Clorox wipes

    * Ziploc bags (any size)

    * Glue sticks

    * Post-it notes

    * Standard size lined index cards

    * Pencils (Amazon Basics or Ticonderoga are best!)

    * Yummy smelling soaps!