• Mrs. Prince's Honors Biology Homepage!

    This website will have important information for you throughout the entire year. Below is the daily agenda, homework assignments, and links to handouts.
    Date Agenda  Homework
    9/17/19 Macromolecule Quiz Reading Guide 3.8 due on block
    9/16/19 Building Macromolecules- Lipids and Protein notes Macromolecule (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates) Quiz on 9/17
    9/13/19 Building Macromolecules- Lipids notes Macromolecule (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates) Quiz on 9/17
    9/11&9/12/19 Macromolecule Lab Reading Guide 3.7 due on 9/13.

    Building Macromolecules-Carbohydrates notes 

    Research Biurets, Benedicts, Iodine, and Sudan Test due on Block 

    Building Macromolecules-Dehydration Synthesis and Hydrolysis

    Reading guide 3.10 due on 9/10/19 

     Scientific Method Practice and Complete Packets

    Complete Elements and Macromolecule Packet due on 9/9/19 

    Finish Liver and Potato pH DAE, graph, and conclusion (due in class)

    Start Packets

    Elements and Macromolecule Packet page 1-5 due on 9/6/19 
     9/3/19  Building Macromolecules -Carbohydrates Reading Guide 3.9 due on block. 
     8/30/19  Unit One Test Reading Guide 3.6 due on 9/3/19. 

    Finish ph notes and calculations

    Complete pH DAE  

    Study for Unit One test. (Scientific Method, Chemistry, Water, pH) 8/30/19

    Corrected Reading Guides 3.1-3.5 and pH critical reading due on 8/30/19