• Remind is a SUPER cool app that allows me to send out reminders to the students! I think this will be a great app to use throughout the year to make sure all students are prepared for what is happening in class. Parents are more than welcome to have this on their phone to get updates of what is happening in class. Each hour has a specific code, so make sure you are signing up for the right class! You do not have to sign up for the app, but I do believe it is going to be extremely helpful! 

    How to sign up through the app... 

    1. Download Remind app. It is blue with a white cloud. 

    1. Click join a class 

    1. Enter class code...make sure you are using the correct hour. Check your schedule.  

    If you would rather have text messages (TEXTING/DATA RATES MAY APPLY) … 

    1. Text the number 81010 

    1. Send your specific class code to the number above 

    1. Follow the directions given 




    Hour 1 


    Hour 3 


    Hour 4 


    Hour 5