• Welcome!  PLTW: Automation and Robotics is a semester long course.  We will be doing many interactive and hands on projects in this course.  You will learn how to design robots and machines using Vex Robotics, how to read various programming languages and write code to control robots, and all about the many areas where robotics helps in our civilization.   See the syllabus below for information on the class.  If you have any questions about the class, please feel free to contact me.  Also, for extra practice and extension ideas,  click on the "Extra Resources" link.  

     Please note, this class is different than the class titled just "Robotics". If you are signed up for Robotics instead of PLTW: Automation and Robotics, please head on over to the robotics tab.


    To see a copy of the Robotics Class Syllabus, please click on the link below:

    Class Syllabus

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