• Historical Book Requirement


    This quarter you will be required to read one AR book that is covered in Social Studies.  You may read either historical fiction or non-fiction. This is an assignment and will count towards your Social Studies grade.(50 pts) This quarter it is recommended that you read books that cover the key concepts presented in the current quarter for Social Studies. However, exceptions for additional topics will be made based on book availability and teacher discretion.   Listed below are the key concepts covered in each quarter:


    Quarter 1:  American Revolution and Forming a New Nation

    Quarter 2:  Economics and Human Geography (The Great Depression, Culture, and Migration)

    Quarter 3:  WWII, Cold War, Korean War

    Quarter 4:  Contemporary History: 1970’s-present


    If you need help finding a book that meets this requirement, check the displays in the library.  

    Once you have taken the AR test for your historical book, print the TOPS report and turn it in to earn credit for this assignment.  You have the option to print immediately after finishing the test. Here are the directions for printing the TOPS report at a different time:

    1. Click on “Student Links,” and then click on “Renaissance Place.”  Then click on “Renaissance Place – Accelerated Reader” and log in. 
    2. On the Renaissance Learning Home screen, click “Accelerated Reader” (if the “Choose Your Class” screen opens, click on your SSR class or your Language Arts class and then click on “Done”).
    3. There are three tabs at the top right of the page: “Reading,” “Progress,” and “Bookshelf.”  Click on “Bookshelf.” All of the books you have taken quizzes on should appear.
    4. Click on the historical book for which you took a quiz.
    5. Click on “Print TOPS Report.”