• Global Migration slide show

    Posted by Michael Tyler on 2/24/2020

    Global Migration

    Record notes on this slide show and be prepared for a quiz on this topic on Wednesday/ Thursday. The assigned packet will be due on Wednesday/ Thursday. Be prepared for the Unit 6 exam on Friday, have your vocab ready to turn in then. 

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  • Test correction dates

    Posted by Michael Tyler on 2/11/2020

    2/12 – before and after school

    2/13 – None

    2/14 – before school

    2/17 – no school

    2/18 – before school

    2/19 – before and after school

    2/20 – None

    2/21 – before school

    2/24 – after school

    2/25 - before school

    2/26 – before and after school

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  • "Why the Industrial Revolution didn't happen in China"

    Posted by Michael Tyler on 2/3/2020
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  • Social Media Instruction

    Posted by Michael Tyler on 12/11/2019
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  • Study Slide Show

    Posted by Michael Tyler on 12/4/2019

    600 - 1450 Review

    1450 - 1750 Review

    Not everything in these slides is content we look at in this class, and there are things we have gone over that are not in these slides, but these will be helpful to review. additionally, you can find more slides on the individual topics of each of our units on the website linked in the first slide.

    When looking at the slides on the website DO NOT REQUEST EDIT ACCESS as all this will do is spam the creator with emails. 

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  • Test correction dates unit 3 exam

    Posted by Michael Tyler on 11/19/2019

    Test Correction Dates for Unit 3 Exam

    11/20: before and after school

    11/21: before school (Come to AP Scholars Club after school on Thursdays!)

    11/22: before and after school

    11/25: after school

    11/26: before school

    12/2: after school

    12/3: before school

    12/4: after school

    12/5: before and after school

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  • Instructions for Russian Timeline (Due 10/25)

    Posted by Michael Tyler on 10/22/2019
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  • Instructions for Land Based Empire Project (due 10/27)

    Posted by Michael Tyler on 10/18/2019
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  • Slide show for DBQ instruction

    Posted by Michael Tyler on 9/24/2019
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  • Videos to help you prep for DBQ (on 9/25-9/26)

    Posted by Michael Tyler on 9/24/2019

    Here are VERY helpful videos to help you review for the DBQs we will be writing on block day this week, and that you can review again throughout the year and in preparation for the AP Exam. Please watch all 3.



    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm2xiCd82dk  <--- This is technically a video for AP US History, but it is still helpful to see how he handles the sources



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