Tryout Roster

  • First, we would like to say thank you to all the students who were interested in participating in football this year and the tremendous enthusiasm they had during the tryous the past three days.  I would also like to express my apologies to those who did not make it and tell all parents that this is the worst thing any person should have to do.  Please encourage your kids to keep competing in the sport, there are tons of leagues you can particpate in and please do not make me the reason you decide not to keep trying to participate in athletics.  I would also like to encourage everyone to keep trying out for other sports as you may find your individual niche in something else down the road.

    So I would like to congratulate the following players for making this year's Payne Junior High flag football team.  As a member, you are required to attend all practices, be open to play multiple positions, and have the enthusiasm to do what it takes so that all members can have a positive experience during this year's season.  If we all work together, success is inevitable and we hold the right to remove players chosen and replace them with others if they cannot fulfill their role as a good teammate.  We are asking ALL parents to attend a quick 10 minute parent meeting tomorrow evening after practice so I can introduce myself and Mr. Messenger, as well as discuss our philosophy and expectations for this year's season.

    This year's team-



    Please review practice and game schedule on the website that has been included tonight. All changes do not come from this coaching staff and we will do our best to get information that changes during the season to you as quickly as we get it.  Again, Congratulations and be ready to work hard, have fun and win Panthers!!!


    Coach Quinn



Last Modified on October 21, 2020