• Week of May 20th

    Monday, May 20

    To Kill A Mockingbird Test 

    Due: To Kill A Mockingbird Activity Packet & TKAM Study Guide
    Homework: Study Guide

    Tuesday, May 21

    To Kill A Mockingbird & Socratic Seminar Prep

    Due: None

    Homework: Study Guide

    Wednesday, May 22

    Socratic Seminar

    Due: Socratic Seminar Sheet

    Homework: Study Guide 

    Thursday/Friday (Block), May 23/24

    Review for Finals and go over Study Guide  

    Due: None

    Homework: Review/Complete Study Guide

    Week of May 13th

    Monday, May 13
    Read Ch. 22-23 of TKAM

    Due: Pre-writing packet for Essay 
    Homework: TKAM Ch. 22 & 23 Questions

    Tuesday/Wednesday, May 14/15 (Block Days)
    Read Ch. 24-26 TKAM

    Due: Ch. 22-23 questions
    Homework: Ch. 24-26 Questions for TKAM

    Thursday, May 16
    Read Ch. 27-28 TKAM
    Due: Ch. 24-26 questions
    Homework: TKAM ch. 27-28 questions and study guide for test

    Friday, May 17

    Read Ch. 29-31 TKAM

    Due: Ch. 27-28 questions
    Homework: Complete ch. 29-31 questions and review for test on Monday 

    Week of May 6th

    Monday, May 6
    Due: None
    Homework: Sophomore Prep #2/No Red INK

    Tuesday/Wednesday, May 7/8 (Block Days)

    Due: Pre-write 
    Homework: No Red INK due Wednesday online
    Thursday, May 9
    Rough Draft Synthesis Essay

    Due: Outline Sophomore Prep #2
    Homework: None

    Friday, May 10

    Peer Edit Synthesis Essay

    Due: rough Draft
    Homework: Final draft of essay due to turnitin.com by Sunday night 

    Week of April 29th

    Monday, April 29
    Quiz Ch. 12-15 & Mock Trail 

    Due: Ch. 15 Questions
    Homework: Sophomore Prep #1/No Read INK & Make sure you are answering the Ch. Questions

    Tuesday/Wednesday, April 30/May 1 (Block Days)
    Mock Trial 

    Due: No Red Ink due Wednesday Night online
    Homework: Sophomore Prep #1/No Read INK & Make sure you are answering the Ch. Questions
    Thursday, May 2
    Scottsborro Boys Part 1 

    Due: Sophomore Prep #1
    Homework: Make sure you are answering the Ch. Questions

    Friday, May 3

    Scottsborro Boys Part 2 

    Due: None 
    Homework: Make sure you are answering the Ch. Questions 

    Week of April 22nd

    Monday, April 22
    Quiz Ch. 5-11 TKAM Pin the quoteon Atticus 

    Due: Military/Humanitarian Hero Packet
    Homework: Pin the quoteon Atticus  activity 

    Tuesday/Wednesday, April 23/24 (Block Days)
    Pin the quote on atticus activity - TKAM - Ch. 12 
    Due: Pin the quoteon Atticus 
    Homework: Make sure you are answering the Ch. Questions
    Thursday, April 25
    Ch. 13 TKAM

    Due: None
    Homework: Make sure you are answering the Ch. Questions

    Friday, April 26

    Ch. 14 TKAM 

    Due: None 
    Homework: Read Ch. 15 & make sure you are answering the Ch. Questions

    Week of April 15th

    Monday, April 15
    Ch. 1-4 Quiz for TKAM then read Ch. 5
    Assign 2nd Hero Article 

    Due: TKAM Ch. 4 Questions & Choose Article for Hero Article writing assignment due Sunday to turnitin.com
    Homework: None

    Tuesday/Wednesday, April 16/17 (Block Days)
    Read Ch. 6-8 TKAM & Questions

    Due: Ch.5 Questions & Article for Military/Humanitarian hero 
    Homework: Hero Article writing assignment due Sunday to turnitin.com & Finish Ch. 6-8 questions
    Thursday, April 18
    Read Ch. 9/810& Activity 

    Due: CRAAP test for Hero Article writing assignment due Sunday to turnitin.com
    Homework: Finish Activity & Ch. 9/1, Read Ch. 11 TKAM, & Finish Hero Article writing assignment due Sunday to turnitin.com

    Friday, April 19

    No School!

    Due: None
    Homework: Finish Activity & Ch. 9/1, Read Ch. 11 TKAM, & Finish Hero Article writing assignment due Sunday to turnitin.com

    Week of April 8th

    Monday, April 8

    Started Ch.1 of To Kill A Mockingbird and distributed To Kill A Mockingbird Activity Packet

    Due: CRAAP Test & Annotated Article for Hero Assignment 
    Homework: None

    Tuesday, April 9

    Finish Chapter 1 & Visualizing Boo Radley Activity 

    Due: None 

    Homework: Visualizing Boo Radley and Ch.1 Questions

    Wednesday, April 10

    Read Ch. 2 & Start Ch. 3 

    Due: Ch.1 Questions

    Homework: Ch. 2 questions To Kill A Mockingbird Activity Packet

    Thursday/Friday (Block), April 11/12


    Finish Ch. 3 and "In Their Shoes" Activity
    Due: Ch. 2 Questions
    Homework: Read Ch. 4 & corresponding questions in To Kill A Mockingbird Activity Packet
    Week of April 1
    Monday, April 1
    Present Posters & Introduction to Weekly Hero Assignment

    Due: Jim Crow Poster
    Homework: Hero Article due to turnitin.com Friday

    Tuesday/Wednesday, April 2/3 (Block Days)
    Tuesday is Late Start for ACT Testing
    Research Day & CRAAP testing

    Due: None
    Homework: Hero Article
    Thursday, April 4
    Hero Article & Vocabulary 

    Due: None
    Homework: Hero Article and Vocab Card

    Friday, April 5

    Vocabulary Gallery & Check Out To Kill A Mockingbird

    Due: Vocabulary Card & Hero Article
    Homework: None

    Week of March 25

    Monday, March 25
    No School! 

    Due: None
    Homework: None

    Tuesday/Wednesday, March26/27 (Block Days)
    Welcome Back!
    Due: None
    Homework: None
    Thursday, March 28
    Introduction to To Kill A Mockingbird & Jim Crow Annotation 

    Due: None
    Homework: Finish Jim Crow Annotation and To Kill A Mockingbird Introduction 

    Friday, March 29

    Post Assessment 

    Due: Jim Crow Law Assignment and To Kill A Mockingbird Introduction Worksheet
    Homework: None 

    Week of March 4th

    Monday, March 4

    Peer Edit Rough Draft of Analysis Essay

    Due: Rough Draft of Analysis Essay

    Homework: Final Draft typed of Analysis Essay and turned in to turnitin.com by Wednesday night

    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), March 5/6

    Socratic Seminar Prep

    Due: Final draft of essay to turnitin.com by 11:59pm

    Homework: Socratic Seminar Organizer

    Thursday, March 7
    Socratic Seminar
    Due: Socratic Seminar Organizer & all essay pre-writing
    Homework: None

    Friday, March 8

    Goal Reflection Activity

    Due: None
    Homework: Have a wonderful break!

    Week of February 25th

    Monday, February 25

    Corpse Bride Analytical Statement 1

    Due: ES Packet
    Homework: None

    Tuesday, February 26

    Corpse Bride Analytical Statement 2

    Due: None

    Homework: None

    Wednesday, February 27

    Outline for Analysis Essay

    Due: None

    Homework: Finish Outline

    Thursday/Friday (Block), February 28/March 1

    Review outline and write rough draft of Analysis Essay

    Due: Outline

    Homework: Finish and Print copy of rough draft of Analysis Essay for Monday

    Week of February 18th

    Monday, February 18

    No School 

    Due: None
    Homework: ES Analytical Statement #1 from viewing guide A

    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), February 19/20

    ES viewing day B and analytical statement #2 & recognizing to the Anti-Hero

    Due: Analytical Statement #1

    Homework: Analytical Statement #2

    Thursday, February 21

    ES viewing day C and analytical statement #3

    Due: Analytical Statement #2

    Homework: Analytical statement #3

    Friday, February 22

    Analytical Paragraph - putting statements together due to turnitin.com by Sunday Night

    Due: Analytical statement #3
    Homework: Analytical paragraph due to turnitin.com by Sunday Night 

    Week of February 11th

    Monday, February 11

    Cinematic Techniques & Finish Packet

    Due: None
    Homework: Packet

    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), February 12/13

    Style Analysis and writing an analytical statement  

    Due: None

    Homework: Tone & Mood Packet 

    Thursday, February 14

    History of Valentine's Day


    Due: Tone & Mood Packet

    Homework: None

    Friday, February 15

    ES work day A and anayltical statement #1

    Due: None
    Homework: Analytical statement #1

    Week of February 4th

    Monday, February 4

    Introduction to the Anti-Hero & class activity 

    Due: None
    Homework: Finish Anti-Hero Activity

    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), February 5/6

    Tone/Mood Lesson with Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

    Due: Anti-Hero Activity

    Homework: Finish up any work

    Thursday, February 7

    Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Anaylsis 

    Due: None

    Homework: None

    Friday, February 8

    Introduce Style Analysis Essay 

    Due: None
    Homework: Start outling Analysis essay

    Week of January 28th

    Monday, January 28

    Night Study Guide - Ethos Pathos Logos Worksheet

    Due: Night Packet 
    Homework: Ethos Pathos Logos Worksheet due Block 

    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), January 29/30

    Rhetorical Devices, Annotations, Speeches

    Due: Ethos Pathos Logos Worksheet

    Homework: Finish Annotating Speeches

    Thursday, January 31

    WWH Set - Practice - Assign speech for Analysis

    Due: Annotated Speeches

    Homework: Outline Essay

    Friday, February 1

    Night Test 

    Due: Night Study Guide & Vocabulary Chart 
    Homework: Rough Draft of Analysis Essay

    Week of January 21st

    Monday, January 21

    No School

    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), January 22/23

    Night Section 3 Discussion & Read pg. 66-84

    Due: Section 3 Night

    Homework: Night Pg. 66-84 Section 4

    Thursday, January 24

    Elie Weisel Interview & Worksheet

    Due: Section 4 Night 
    Homework: Night pg. 85-97 & Section 5 

    Friday, January 25
    Finish Night pg. 98-115 & Section 5 

    Due: None

    Homework: Finish Night Reading Packet - complete packet due Monday 1/28

    Week of January 14th

    Monday, January 14

    Holocaust & Dehumanization background

    Due: None
    Homework: Vocab Card - due block day student was assigned one word in class

    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), January 15/16

    Vocab Chart, Night Pages 3-22 & corresponding Night Packet questions

    Due: None

    Homework: Question & Review Vocabulary

    Thursday, January 17

    Night Pages 23-46 & & corresponding Night Packet questions

    Ethos, Pathos, Logos, Rhetorical Lesson

    Due: None
    Homework: Night Packet

    Friday, January 18 
    Night Pages 47-65 & corresponding Night Packet questions

    Introduction to Literary Analysis

    Due: None

    Homework: Review Night Packet

    Week of January 7th

    Monday, January 7

    No School

    Due: None
    Homework: None

    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), January 8/9

    Welcome Back - Word Wall - Registration 

    Due: None

    Homework: None

    Thursday, January 10

    "They Came First" short story & Cross the Line activity

    Due: None
    Homework: Worksheet

    Friday, January 11 
    "Terrible Things" short story & worksheet

    Due: Worksheet

    Homework: None

    Week of December 17th

    Monday, December 17

    Final Review

    Due: None
    Homework: Study Guide

    Tuesday, December 18

    Final Review

    Due: None

    Homework: Study Guide

    Wednesday/Thursday (Block), December 19/20

    Final Exam

    Due: None
    Homework: Have a wonderful Break!

    Friday, December 21
    No School - Have a wonderful break!

    Week of December 10th

    Monday, December 10
    Scene Prep for Presentation

    Due: None
    Homework: Type up final draft of script & print copies
    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), December 11/12
    Present Scene Re-writes
    Due: Final Script & Outline
    Homework: None
    Thursday, December 13
    Socractic Seminar Prep

    Due: SEE Set
    Homework: None

    Friday, December 14

    Socractic Seminar

    **if you miss the socractic seminar you MUST turn in a copy of the alternative assignment by the end of the quarter or a zero will be put in its place**

    assignment may be turned in through email or directly to teacher

    Due: Agenda Check, Flipbook
    Homework: Final Study Guide

    Week of December 3rd

    Monday, December 3
    Romeo & Juliet Act 4 Scene 1-3

    Due: None
    Homework: Act 4/5 Questions
    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), December 4/5
    Romeo & Juliet Act 4 Scene 4-5, Review, Scene Re-Write
    Due: None
    Homework: Act 4/5 Questions
    Thursday, December 6
    Act 5

    Due: None
    Homework: Act 4/5 Questions

    Friday, December 7

    Act 4/5 Quiz

    Due: Agenda Check & Act 4/5 Questions
    Homework: Scene Re-Write Script

    Week of November 26th

    Monday, November 26

    Romeo & Juliet Act 3 scene 1

    Due: None
    Homework: Act 3 Questions

    Tuesday, November 27

    Romeo & Juliet Act 3 scene 2

    Due: None

    Homework: Act 3 Questions

    Wednesday, November 28

    Romeo & Juliet Act 3 scene 3 & 4

    Due: None
    Homework: Act 3 Questions

    Thursday/Friday (Block), November 29/30
    Act 3 Quiz, Socractic Questions/Quotes, Flip Chart

    Due: Act 3 Questions & Agenda
    Homework: None

    Week of November 19th

    Monday, November 19

    Romeo & Juliet Act 2 Scene 3 & 4
    Due: None
    Homework: Act 2 Questions

    Tuesday, November 20

    Romeo & Juliet Act 2 Scene 5 & 6

    Quiz Review

    Due: None

    Homework: ACt 2 Questions

    Wednesday, November 21

    Romeo & Juliet Act 2 Quiz and text rewrite activity

    Due: Act 2 Questions
    Homework: None

    Thursday/Friday, November 22/23
    No School - Have a wonderful holiday!

    Due: None
    Homework: None


    Week of November 12th

    Monday, November 12

    No School

    Due: None
    Homework: None

    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), November 13/14

    Romeo & Juliet Act 1 and Vocabulary review

    Due: None
    Homework: None

    Thursday, November 15
    Act 1 Quiz

    Due: None
    Homework: None 

    Friday, November 16
    Romeo & Juliet Act 2

    Due: Agenda 

    Homework: None


    Week of November 5th

    Monday, November 5

    Shakespheare in the Classroom

    Due: None
    Homework: None

    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), November 6/7

    Romeo & Juliet Character Introductions, Prologue Activity, Begin Act 1

    Due: None
    Homework: None

    Thursday, November 8
    Vocabulary Activity & Act 1

    Due: None
    Homework: None 

    Friday, November 9
    Act 1 Quiz

    Due: Agenda 

    Homework: None

    Week of October 29th

    Monday, October 29

    Outlining for Mini Narrative Assignment

    Due: Brainstorming Packet
    Homework: Outline Packet and Rough Draft

    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), October 30/31

    Peer Reivew Rough Draft of Mini Narrative Assignment

    Typing final draft

    Due: Rough Draft
    Homework: Final Draft due to Turnitin.com on Friday

    Thursday, November 1
    Introduction to Tragic Heros and Socratic Seminar

    Due: None
    Homework: Final Draft to turnitin.com and copy of Romeo & Juliet

    Friday, November 2
    Prologue and Introduction to Romeo & Juliet

    Due: Agenda & Book check for Copy of Romeo & Juliet

    Homework: None



    Week of October 22nd

    Monday, October 22

    Diction/Syntax/Imagery Lesson & Football Activity

    Due: None
    Homework: None

    Tuesday/Wednesday (Block), October 23/24

    Short Story Analysis in-class and Introduce Mini Narrative Assignment

    Due: None
    Homework: None

    Thursday, October 25
    Narrative Techniques

    Due: None
    Homework: None

    Friday, October 26

    Due: Agenda
    Homework: Brainstorming Packet


    Week of October 15th


    Monday, October 15

    No School!

    Due: None
    Homework: None

    Tuesday, October 16

    No School!

    Due: None
    Homework: None 

    Wednesday, October 17
    Welcome Back!

    Due: None
    Homework: None

    Thursday, October 18
    Who Are You? In-class activity

    Due: None
    Homework: None

    Friday, October 19
    Who Are You? Wrap Up in Class and Present

    Due: None
    Homework: None