• Perry High School

    National Honors Society for Dance Arts

    The Perry Dance Program has an active Chapter of the National Honors Society for the Dance Arts (NHSDA), Chapter 51.

    2018-2019 NHSDA Club Officers

         President- Brinley Harris

         Vice President- Chase McQuillan

         Secretary- Julia Klarin

    The NHSDA promotes and honors outstanding dance achievement. NHSDA also encourages well-rounded dance artists to become leaders in their communities after high school graduation.

    Student membership in the National Honor Society for Dance Arts is awarded on the basis of points earned through demonstration of collaborative teamwork, motivation, & participation in the many aspects of dance (choreography, performance, teaching, productions, etc.). Dancers qualify for membership by earning at minimum 30 points in all of those areas.

    In conjunction with a formal induction ceremony, members receive a certificate of membership and will also wear the NHSDA honor cord and honor gold pin during graduation ceremonies.

    NHSDA members are encouraged to include their membership in scholarship packets and/or resumes for college or dance employment.

    Perry Dance students may be members of the NHSDA Club, which supports dancers on the path to induction, gives leadership and involvement opportunities, and encourages further investment into dance education.

    More information on NHSDA can be found at www.azdeo.org or www.ndeo.org