• Casteel Spiritline Handbook
    (addition to 2018-2019 Handbook)



    Beginning the first week of Football Season, coaches will receive grade checks from the Athletic Department weekly.  Coaches will receive grades every Friday (Monday morning at the latest) and will meet with each cheerleader that has a below-average grade in one or more classes. The weekly grade checks will continue through the end of the season.


    Ds— Beginning each Monday, mandatory tutoring with teacher 3 days, but can still participate in game/performance.  The following week, the D should be improved.  If it remains a D for the second week in a row (next grade report), student will be benched for games and/or performances until the grade improves on a following grade report.. The student-athlete can still practice during practice days/times.

    Fs- Academic Ineligibility. Beginning each Monday, mandatory tutoring for 3 days (or longer if needed) and benched from any game/performance until the grade has improved on the next grade
    report (given each Friday).  Can practice as an “alternate” until grade has improved. If it remains an F for the second week in a row (next grade report), student will be required to attend 5 consecutive days of study hall and/or tutoring before, after school, or during conference times on block days. Student will be ineligible to participate in practice, performances, games, and/or competitions during this time.  Student will not be able to dress out for performances, games, or competitions and may not be able to attend any away games/events during this time. 

    Ways to Improve Grades

    • Student should have access to Infinite Campus app on the athlete’s phone. This will allow students to monitor his/her own grades and/or missing assignments.
    • When absent, collect and complete missed work immediately following return.
    • Contact teachers prior to tests/quizzes to ask for extra help when needed.
    • Take advantage of completing test corrections/tutoring when available.


    Per current handbook:

    If a Spiritline member is put on academic ineligibility more than 3 times throughout the season, he/she may be removed from the team to achieve academic success. The head coach will make the final say if this decision needs to be made.



    CUSD District Athletic Eligibility:

    CUSD Eligibility

    You can read more information: https://www.cusd80.com/Page/34840