Academic Decathlon
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Carla Turner  Elizabeth Trotti     
Phone: 480-883-5167

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 6-8pm in E104, Wednesday
Location: E104

About Academic Decathlon...
AcDec is a competitive academic team. We study 10 subjects centered around a different theme each year. Students can do class AND club, or can do club only.

A Plus Tutoring Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Colleen Mendoza 
Phone: 480-223-5203

President / Captain: To be determined
Meet times: Weekly, 2:15-3:30
Meet days:
Location: E219

About A Plus Tutoring Club...
To tutor struggling students

ACceleraTe Your Success
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Audra Johnson 
Phone: 480-329-6705

President / Captain: Victoria Davis
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, 2:30-4:00
Meet days:
Location: C200

About ACceleraTe Your Success...
test preparation for ACT

Air Force Junior ROTC
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Lt Col Greg Franklin       
Phone: 480-883-5207

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: Periods 0-6 (as enrolled), Daily during assigned class period.
Location: G104

About Air Force Junior ROTC...
Hamilton High School's AFJROTC program is a world-class, student-led academic course and organization that ranks in the top 20-percent of the more than 800 AFJROTC units worldwide. AFJROTC is an excellent elective for any post-high school path you choose. Our focus is developing citizens of character by inspiring students to build integrity, loyalty, self-discipline, self-reliance and leadership into their daily lives.

American Red Cross
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Jessica Grossman 
Phone: 480-883-5286

President / Captain: 
Meet times: BiWeekly,
Meet days:

Location: N116

About American Red Cross...
Student-led club - Mission Statement: The Red Cross, born of a desire to bring assistance without discrimination to the wounded on the battlefield, endeavors in its international and national capacity to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever it may be found. Its purpose is to protect life and health and to ensure respect for the human being.

AP Art History Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Lynne Fox       
Phone: 480-883-5222

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 5th Hour, As called for to support museum activities
Location: C118 and H111

About AP Art History Club...
Advance knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of Art and Art History.

Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Yi Lily Chen 
Phone: 480-883-5257

President / Captain: President-Grace Wei Vice President- Angelina Tram Secretary- Michaela Chen Treasury- Neya Balakrishna Historian- Wendy Wong Volunteer Coordinator-Angela Kan
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, 2nd and 4th Friday: 2:15-3:00pm
Meet days:
Location: N108

About Arts4Hearts...
To raise awareness of the environmental protection and other issues through artwork and art presentation

Astronomy Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Ken Spruell 
Phone: 5160

President / Captain: Riley Tracy
Meet times: Weekly, Conference on Friday, 9:15 - 9:40
Meet days:
Location: Cafeteria

About Astronomy Club...
expand interest in space and astronomy topics

Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Angelica Russo 
Phone: 4808835196

President / Captain: Alyssa Ramieriez
Meet times: Students meet at small events, Dependent upon meeting events.
Meet days:
Location: E211

About HHS AVID...
To raise funds for AVID field trips and to hold events to promote the AVID family.

The Backpack Project
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Esther Bateson 
Phone: 480-580-1066

President / Captain: Zara Jahan
Meet times: Bi-Weekly, Conference time (beginning second quarter tentatively)
Meet days:
Location: N110

About The Backpack Project...
The purpose of this organization is to promote through its activities, interest and education advocacy and encouragement for underprivileged individuals in the Chandler Unified School District.

Band Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Jay Alan Brown/Charlie Baker 
Phone: 480-883-5238

President / Captain: Julia King and McKay Porter (Co-Presidents)
Meet times: every other Monday, 3:00 - 4:00 pm
Meet days:
Location: Band room

About Band Club...
About the Band Club: The purpose of the Band Club of HHS is to facilitate the student led support of the HHS Band’s extracurricular activities in collaboration with the HHS Associated Student Body (ASB) and the Hamilton Music Booster’s Club. The club also supports the Band planning and organization of the attendance of festivals, competitions, community events, and other band related activities, and the raising and managing of funds for these activities.

Girls Basketball
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Trevor Neider 
Phone: 480-363-0798

President / Captain: Girls Basketball / Kayla Fullen
Meet times: Monthly, Various
Meet days:
Location: Girls Basketball / Gym

About Girls Basketball...
Discuss opportunities for the basketball program

Be a Leader
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Regester 
Phone: ext 5110

President / Captain: Lorena Vasquez-Inzunza
Meet times: Weekly, conference
Meet days:
Location: C222

About Be a Leader...
To learn to utlilize resources to be successful in high school, college, and life!

Biology Olympiad
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Rabia Bithi 
Phone: 480-883-5135

President / Captain: Mindy Long
Meet times: Weekly, Thursday conference
Meet days:
Location: D126

About Biology Olympiad...
The purpose of this organization is to create a community of students and scholars who seek to foster a lifelong appreciation and passion for life sciences. Biology Olympiad Club seeks to achieve these aims through training students in the biological sciences through participating in Biology Olympiad each year in February.

Black Student Union
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Doug Harris       
Phone: 480-883-5284

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: Conference Time, 2nd Thursday of month
Location: N114

About Black Student Union...
To educate and inspire communities

Boys Soccer
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Lance Thompson       
Phone: N/A

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 2:30 PM, Monday - Friday
Location: Soccer Field/Field House

About Boys Soccer...
The Boys Soccer Club is an integral part of the total education process at Hamilton High School. The Boys Soccer Club incorporates numerous activities instructed by an expert staff that will provide a comprehensive soccer education. The novice, intermediate, and expert player will benefit from The Boys Soccer Club that includes technical, tactical, physiological, psychological and leadership education. Finally, academic excellence is an expectation of The Boys Soccer Club.

Brain Bee
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Kim O'Neill 
Phone: 480-883-5099

President / Captain: ?
Meet times: Weekly, after school
Meet days:
Location: C212

About Brain Bee...
Study the brain

Calculate to Create
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Tincher & O'Neill 
Phone: 883-5161

President / Captain: Ananya Nigam
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, Conference Period
Meet days:
Location: E101

About Calculate to Create...
To help elementary school kids use math to create art.

Careers Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Audra Johnson 
Phone: 480-329-6705

President / Captain: Rohan Nishtala
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, 2:30-3:30
Meet days:
Location: C200

About Careers Club...
To have guest speakers present to students about different career paths

Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Emily DesJardins       

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 1st Period, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Location: Gymnasium

About Cheerleading...
The first and foremost role of the Hamilton Cheerleading program is to support the school's athletic programs. Our members serve as ambassadors and student leaders for the school and community. Tryout is required.

Chess club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Dr. Jyoti Nair       
Phone: 480-883-5146

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 2:30p.m, Wednesdays
Location: D209

About Chess club...
The Hamilton Chess Club is dedicated to serve and provide students with an opportunity to learn, play and improve their chess. We hold casual games analysis, and practice lessons during meetings. Members will also have the chance to compete in both local and state tournaments. Students of all grades and experience levels are welcome!

Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Dr. Enid Thompson       
Phone: 480-883-5113

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 2:30 PM, Thursdays
Location: D105

About DECA...
DECA is a club. We compete on the District, State, and International stages. DECA get students ready for college and career. We also focus on the Business and Marketing industries to ensure we are engaged in the latest trends.

Drama Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Christina Vail       
Phone: 480-883-5233

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: Conference Period, Wednesday
Location: H118

About Drama Club...
To provide opportunities for students to perform and participate in theatre events.

Dress for Success
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: J. Eilertsen 
Phone: x5093

President / Captain: Adrian
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, Conference
Meet days:
Location: C207

About Dress for Success...
To build professional skills for work and school

Dungeons and Dragons Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Alex Stumer  Jorge Chacon     
Phone: 480-883-5177

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 3:10pm-5:30pm, Wednesdays
Location: E113

About Dungeons and Dragons Club...
This club meets to play the roleplaying game of Dungeons and Dragons on a weekly basis.

Ecological Pioneers of Today
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Jyoti Nair 
Phone: (480) 883-5247

President / Captain: Daniel Shih
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Meet days:
Location: N100

About Ecological Pioneers of Today...
The purpose of the club is to spark and promote positive discourse throughout the state in order to prepare and inform future voters on issues ranging from environmental policy to diplomatic affairs as well as participate in activities such as interviewing activists and participating in the national ecological competition, the Envirothon.

Econ Challenge Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Diana Weaver       
Phone: 480-883-5111

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: To be determined at first meeting of the year, To be determined at first meeting of the year
Location: C109A

About Econ Challenge Club...
Econ Challenge Club is an economics club for students interested in competing in The Mayor's Economic Challenge held in the 4th quarter. Students form teams and study Macro and Microeconomics and/or Personal Finance. Anyone is welcome to join, all you need is a love of economics.

FCCLA Culinary Arts Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Mr. Orlando Craig Chaney 
Phone: 480-883-5134

President / Captain: Benjamin Voller-Brown
Meet times: Bi - Monthly, 10:30 to 11:30
Meet days:
Location: Room D128

About FCCLA Culinary Arts Club...
1. To provide opportunities for personal development and preparation for careers in culinary arts, as well as seeking pathways into the workforce. 2. To promote youth involvement in their school and community, bridging this level of involvement into adult life.

Early Childhood Education FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America)
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Kristine McGettigan       
Phone: 480-883-5136

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 9:17 - 9:40 a.m., Once a month during Wednesday Conference Period (2nd week of each month)
Location: D127

About Early Childhood Education FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America)...
Since 1945, FCCLA members have been making a difference in families, careers, and communities by addressing important personal, work, and societal issues. Through participation in Competitive Events, becoming involved in community service opportunities, student leadership, and attending leadership conferences, members develop real world skills, explore Career Pathways, and become college- and career-ready.

Hamilton FFA
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Alicia Gutierrez 
Phone: 480-883-5120

President / Captain: Kira Videan
Meet times: Monthly after school meeting and Bi- Weekly Conference meetings, 2:30-3:30 on monthly meeting days, Thursday Conference twice a month.
Meet days:
Meeting dates determined 1 month in advance and advertised in Ag room and on social media ;
Location: D111

About Hamilton FFA...
FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. To accomplish its mission, FFA: Develops competent and assertive agricultural leadership

Hamilton Figure Skating Club of Arizona
Hamilton Huskies
Phone: 480.883.5188

President / Captain: Julia Reinert
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, 9:17-9:40
Meet days:
Location: N-115

About Hamilton Figure Skating Club of Arizona...
The purpose of this organization is to promote physical activity and inform others of the sport of figure skating through its activities and interests for our members.

FIDM Fashion Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Dr. Enid Thompson 
Phone: (480) 883-5113 office/ (813) 943-5517

President / Captain: Christian Weninger
Meet times: Not Sure yet, Just finished paperwork 8/31/2018 meeting times have not been scheduled yet
Meet days:
Not Sure/just finished paperwork 8/31/2018;
Location: Room D105

About FIDM Fashion Club...
Fashion Design/Scholarships/Grants

Field to ERInnovation Fair - Sports Medicine Competition
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Lance Michel       
Phone: 480-883-5255

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: TBD, TBD
Location: Field-house Training Room

About Field to ERInnovation Fair - Sports Medicine Competition...
Club designed for Student Athletic Trainers Aides.

Girls Flag Football
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Matt Stone       
Phone: 480-883-5124

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 2:15, First Wednesday of each month
Location: D116

About Girls Flag Football...
Girls Flag Football will be a club sport throughout CUSD and neighboring districts. This spring sport will play a full season and playoffs in 2021-2022.

French Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Sophie Steadman       
Phone: 480-883- 5200

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: During conference, On block days
Location: E216

About French Club...
To promote interest in the French Language and Culture through fun activities: games, cooking after school, potlucks, music,...

French National Honors Society
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Sophie Steadman       
Phone: 480-883-5200

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: After school, Once a month TBD
Location: E216

About French National Honors Society...
The purpose of this organization is to recognize students who study French and excel academically for their academically for their achievement, and to foster important values in student.

Future History Science and Art Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Taylor Hale 
Phone: 4808835248

President / Captain: Aris Zhu
Meet times: Weekly, 2:15pm - 3:00pm
Meet days:
Location: N101

About Future History Science and Art Club...
Prepare for AP world History test, AP European History Test and upcoming science fair competitions.

Gender Sexuality Alliance
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Ashley Rall       
Phone: 480-883-5265

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 2:30-3:30, Thursdays biweekly
Location: M5

About Gender Sexuality Alliance...
To promote a safe, positive, and supportive environment for the LGBTQ+ students of Hamilton High School. Furthermore, we hope to build acceptance and awareness of the LGBTQ+ community through Hamilton High School and foster positive relationships with all students.

Girl Up
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Andrea Manzuk 
Phone: 480-883-5283

President / Captain: Anusha Natarajan
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, Conference 9:17 AM - 9:40 AM
Meet days:
Location: N113

About Girl Up...
To provide educational support and feminine hygiene products to women and children in need.

Girls Who Code
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Teresa Suan 
Phone: (480) 883-5195

President / Captain: Anika Attaluri
Meet times: Weekly, 2:20 - 3:15pm
Meet days:
Location: E210

About Girls Who Code...
To close the gender gap in technology

Hamilton Hockey Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Alexander Stumer 
Phone: 480-883-5176

President / Captain: Ryan Shiverdecker
Meet times: As needed,
Meet days:
Varied (Meetings announced through email to club members
Location: E112

About Hamilton Hockey Club...
To provide students enrolled at Hamilton High School or any CUSD school interested in Hockey the opportunity to promote teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, and skill development.

Hamilton HS Boys Golf Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Steve Kanner 
Phone: 480-883-5030

President / Captain: Anawin Pikulthong
Meet times: Weekly, 3pm
Meet days:
Location: C226

About Hamilton HS Boys Golf Club...
To support the member of the Hamilton HS Boys Golf Team

Hamilton Dance Company
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Danny Milbauer       
Phone: 480-883-5210

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 1030-1140, M, T, Th, F
Location: G106

About Hamilton Dance Company...
Promote school spirit through performances at assemblies, games, shows and other events.

History Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Stefanie Campanella 
Phone: Cell 480-272-5512 or school extension 5096

President / Captain: Kinsey Kavanaugh
Meet times: Monthly, As needed at conference and occasional after school meetings with parents
Meet days:
Conference as needed.;Thursday;Friday;
Location: c209B

About History Club...
To provide students will an opportunity to learn about history through travel.

Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Cavin/Caselden/Michel 
Phone: 480-883-5120

President / Captain: Sanjan Shenoy
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, Conference
Meet days:
Location: G 106

About HOSA...
Future health professionals and competitions

Huskies Helping Huskies
Hamilton Huskies
Phone: 480-883-5182

President / Captain: Amanda Foley
Meet times: every other Friday, Conference hour
Meet days:
Location: E107

About Huskies Helping Huskies...
To assist homeless and underprivileged students at Hamilton with meeting their basic needs and introducing them to the social work services and supplies available at our school. To help students in the club became more aware and educated about the needs of the underprivileged population at our school.

Husky PACC
Hamilton Huskies
Phone: 883-5122 (tervo) 883-5126 (thomas)

President / Captain: Natalie Larson
Meet times: Monthly, conference
Meet days:
Location: D119

About Husky PACC...
The purpose of this organization is to promote, through its activities, a community for Hamilton�s special education and general education students.

The International Rescue Committee (The IRC in Phoenix)
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Dr. Enid Thompson 
Phone: (480) 883-5113 office / (813) 943-5517 cell

President / Captain: Tejar Singh
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, During Conference 9:17 am - 9:40 AM
Meet days:
Location: Room D105

About The International Rescue Committee (The IRC in Phoenix)...
To Support the refugees from harm to home program

Junior Purple Society
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Audra Johnson 
Phone: 480-329-6705

President / Captain: Co-presidents: Sanjana Ramakrishnan & Ananya Kotti
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, 2:30-3:00
Meet days:
Location: C200

About Junior Purple Society...
to provide resources, hope, and inspiration to childhood cancer patients and their families

Key Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Elizabeth Price 
Phone: 5085

President / Captain: Christine Lee
Meet times: TBA*, After School
Meet days:
Location: C123

About Key Club...
Mission Statement: Creates opportunities to serve, build character, and develop leadership.*This is a brand new club to Hamilton so the starting officers will have two preliminary meetings before opening the club to the rest of the school.

Kpop Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Annie Chou 
Phone: 480 883-5097

President / Captain: Marie Gabrielle Bautista
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, 2:30-3:00
Meet days:
2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month;Tuesday;
Location: C210

About Kpop Club...
To build an school environment where everyone is accepting of each others' interest in Korean Pop music.

Girls Lacrosse
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Sherrie Hendricks 
Phone: 480-883-5286

President / Captain: Claire Mraz
Meet times: 1st and 3rd Fridays, 1st and 3rd Friday conference 9:17 to 9:40 a.m.
Meet days:
Location: N 116

About Girls Lacrosse...
For girls to learn about and play the game of lacrosse. Hamilton Girls Lacrosse is committed to honoring the game by instilling values of sportsmanship and integrity in an environment that places team accomplishments above personal achievement. Hamilton Girls Lacrosse develops leaders through scholastic achievements and athletic endeavors while emphasizing the importance of community service. The Hamilton Girls Lacrosse Club looks to expand awareness about the sport through free clinics and or

There are no records to display.

Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Miroslawa Stechly 
Phone: (480) 883-5173

President / Captain: Yuna Jeon
Meet times: Weekly, 2:15pm-3:30pm
Meet days:
Location: E212

About Lingua...
Lingua serves as a channel through which students may learn about the significance and application of linguistic and cultural diversity and natural-language processing. Through Lingua, members will learn the basics of one language and culture over the course of four weeks. In addition, Lingua will prepare members for the NACLO (North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad) which members will be given the opportunity to compete in.

Math Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Ms. Bithi & Ms. Lull 
Phone: (480) 262-5184

President / Captain: Jasmine Sun
Meet times: Weekly, Every 1st and 3rd Friday afternoon in E106 and every 2nd and 4th Friday conference in D126
Meet days:
Location: D126 (Bithi) / E106 (Lull)

About Math Club...
The purpose of Math Club is to help students advance their knowledge of mathematics through learning concepts or problems that are outside of the school curriculum. In this club, students will also participate in numerous mathematic competitions and design innovative projects.

Hamilton Microbots
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Chuck Weeks       
Phone: 480-883-5128

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: After school; exact times TBD., Typically one day after school per week. Occasionally on Saturdays. Exact days TBD.
Location: D121

About Hamilton Microbots...
Hamilton Microbots participates in the FIRST Robotics League as Team 698. Microchip Technologies is our primary corporate sponsor.

Model UN
Hamilton Huskies
Phone: Hendricks 480-883-5286 or cell 520-977-1258

President / Captain: Anusha Natarajan
Meet times: Weekly, 2:20 to 3:15 p.m.
Meet days:
Location: N 105 -- DeBruin's room

About Model UN...
Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations. This club is for the student interested in discussing world issues in a fun and competitive manner � however, the focus of MUN is cooperation, diplomacy, negotiation, and compromise. Students are asked to represent nations in the UN and to interpret a given problem as though they are diplomats from that country. It is an opportunity for students to put themselves in the �shoes� of someone from another country and become an advocate for the posit

Modern Women
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Ms. Canfield 
Phone: 480-883-5140

President / Captain: Emilie Ma
Meet times: Monthly, 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month during conference
Meet days:
Location: D203

About Modern Women...
The Cultivation Project is dedicated to improving the health and well- being of people throughout Arizona. The project aims to help teens achieve their goals and create a positive environment for others through visiting recreation centers, writing letters, fundraising, and more. Members will represent the values of the club through school or project-related services.

Hamilton Mountain Biking Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Steve Stoltenbert       
Phone: 480-883-5268

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 2:30, Monday July 6
Location: M8

About Hamilton Mountain Biking Club...
Working on skills with some practice rides, leading up to races

M.E.Ch.A- Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Diane Lundahl       
Phone: 480-883-5202

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: During conference and occasionally 2:30 pm, Thursdays (twice a month)
Location: E218

About M.E.Ch.A- Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan...
M.E.Ch.A is a student organization that promotes higher education, Hispanic culture, and history. We seek to gain self-determination for our members through their Hispanic identity. By celebrating our diversity we hope to develop leadership, academic achievement, and build a sense of community.

My School Votes
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Brianna Willits       
Phone: 480-883-5071

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 3:00 PM, Mondays and Thursdays
Location: C111

About My School Votes...
My School Votes is an action-oriented civics program where students learn by doing. We build student leadership, advocate for local issues, create exceptional voter registration campaigns, and together, launch young people into cycles of life-long civic engagement.

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National Honor Society
Hamilton Huskies
Phone: 5244

President / Captain: Deirdre Nelsen
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, Conference period 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
Meet days:
Location: General Meetings -- Auditorium Committee Meetings -- Various classrooms

About National Honor Society...
Hamilton chapter of the National Honor Society, recognizing not only academics, but service and leadership

Hamilton National Honors Art Society (Art Club)
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Karen L. R. Tabor 
Phone: 480-883-5226 or 602-549-6356

President / Captain: Camille Winn or Kaitlyn Zhang
Meet times: Monthly, 2:15-4:00
Meet days:
Please see schedule on white board;Tuesday;
Location: H113

About Hamilton National Honors Art Society (Art Club)...
To Increase art awareness at Hamilton High School and at the state and national level.

National Senior Beta Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Annie CHou 
Phone: 4808835097

President / Captain: Abby Liu and Thalia Liu
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, 2:20-3:00
Meet days:
second and fourth tuesday;Tuesday;
Location: C210

About National Senior Beta Club...
Provide students volunteer opportunities.

Native American CLub
Hamilton Huskies
Phone: 480-883-5032

President / Captain: need to hold elections - typically done first meeting
Meet times: Weekly, Conference Hour or After School
Meet days:
Location: E111

About Native American CLub...
Get Natives more involved in community and to bring about cultural awareness, activities outside of school, college prep, speakers done by Indian Ed Programs.

Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Jen Headman 
Phone: 480-883-5000

President / Captain: Taylor Smith
Meet times: Daily, 3rd period class
Meet days:
Location: D110 - It is a class during period 3

About Newspaper...
We post weekly news stories about things going on at Hamilton and around the world

Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Amber Dudley       
Phone: 480-883-5239

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: TBD, TBD
Location: H127

About Orchestra...
For Concert, Chamber, and Symphonic Orchestra musicians only. All musicians enrolled in orchestra are automatic club members.

Peer Tutoring
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Yi Lily Chen       
Phone: 480-883-5070

Student leaders: 
Meet times, days: 2:30-3:30pm, 2nd & 4th Tuesday every month
Location: C110

About Peer Tutoring...
Peer Tutoring Club facilitates one-on-one scheduled tutoring for various on-level, honors, and AP classes.

Hamilton Performing Arts Club
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor / Coach: Sara Loutzenheiser 
Phone: 480-883-5143

President / Captain: Vivian Zhao
Meet times: Bi- Weekly, 2:15 pm
Meet days:
Location: D206