Student Sign-Ups 

    STEP ONE:  Donation Sign-Up 
    (You MUST do this first in order to secure your spot in the haunted house!) 
    STEP TWO: Read the following information.
    Haunted House Participant Information - The important stuff! 
    PERMISSION SLIP (please fill out and return to Pitner BEFORE Halloweenpalooza!) 
    • Actors have been asked to be there from 2-11:30 pm. 2-5:15 for set up, 5:15-6 for practice run-throughs, 6-9 pm for actual haunted house performance, 9-11:30 for clean-up. It is  extremely important that we leave the school cleaner than we left it, as we are using the science labs. If we clean quickly, we can leave earlier! Failure to stay through clean-up may impact future casting considerations unless discussed with Mrs. Pitner prior to the day of the event. 
    • Actors and helpers are encouraged to bring food and WATER. Some food is being donated by our awesome parents, but students should bring snacks to make sure they are fed all day. We cannot emphasize enough to BRING WATER!! Food trucks will be available around 5:15 for student actors to purchase lunch (we need to eat fast! This is the same time as our "preview" time :) ) 
    • Students can be dropped off by the hallway by the gym (drama/band hallway), and picked up in the same location. 
    • Actors must bring their own costume! Make-up/hair can be done at school (unless you are in the kids funhouse!) Remember that there is a good chance that your costumes will get "blood"/paint on them. I would not wear something irreplaceable or that you absolutely love. 
    • Mrs. Pitner and Mrs. Olson are the drama club sponsors attending the event. If you need to get in touch them, USE REMIND - text a direct message to one of us! It will go right to our phones! Instagram DM'ing also works well. There will also be other teachers, admin, and security onsite during the event. Parents are encouraged to volunteer to help us make sure we have a strong adult presence at Halloweenpalooza! 
    • Students involved in the haunted house MAY NOT touch any of the science department animals - this will be handled very seriously and students who violate this policy will be issued a referral.
    Thank you all! We're going to have an AWESOME day!!! 
    • Please only sign up for one slot. Please do NOT sign up your friends. 
    • Please read all of the information before signing up, especially what costume you will need.