• 2018/19 parents:  Please note that I am updating this page for next year, so all the info below is for the 2019/2020 school year.  For this year, your students are still welcome to come Mondays and Thursdays after school, as they have all year.  Now that the new tournament has been announced, we will get a head start on building our robots!   


    This page is for the VEX Robotics class/club combo.  VEX Competative Robotics is a class where students research, build, and test robots to compete in tournaments.  Students meet in class, and also after school as a club on Mondays from 4:00 to 4:45.  Students who wish to take part in the club must be part of the class, and vice versa.  On Thursdays students may attend an optional extra build day from 4:00 to 4:45. 


    The class is often student driven, with students researching strategies and ideas, building their robots, and learning through trial and error.  Students practice problem solving skills as they get their robots competition ready.  Students learn to take charge of their education and develop life long learning skills, with guidance and assistance from their teacher.  Interested students can contact the office and fill out an application to be considered.  


    This years tournament: 


    Tower Takeover



    Programmers, use this link to find out more about VEX Coding Studio:



    Builders, check out these videos for inspiration: 






    Club Jobs: 

    These are the jobs students may pick when in teams.  Students may have more than one job.  All students are encouraged to help their builders build when they have nothing else to work on for their job.  Drivers must try out at the start of the VEX Season to be drivers.


    Builders - 

    In the Club: Help build the robot.  When the robot is being tested, create new parts seperately from the bot.  Test out new parts, and add sucessful creations to the robot.

    At the Tournament: Be ready to help fix the robot if something breaks.  Talk to other teams and learn how they built their robots.  Sketch out the good ideas you see to try when back in club.


    Drivers - 

    In the Club: Practice driving your robot.  When not driving, review the rule book or help your builders build.

    At the Tournament: Drive the robot in the various matches.  When Skills is open, drive your bot in Skills.



    In the Club: Watch videos of other teams.  Write down great strategies you see, and sketch out plans for cool build ideas you see.  Create "play cards" with different driving strategies for your drivers to practice.  

    At the Tournament:  Watch different teams compete.  Scout out teams for your alliance and record the strenghths and weaknesses of each team's bot. Watch the teams your team will be competing against and communicate with your drivers so they know what to expect.



    In the Club: Create information like Robot Business cards and flyers you can give to different teams.  Practice with each other how you will talk up your build to the other teams and convince them to ally with your team.

    At the Tournament:  Talk to different teams and build friendships.  Ask questions about their bots and share information about yours.  Try to secure alliances for the tournament matches.

    Build friendships with other teams for in the future tournaments.


    Supply Manager - 

    In the Club: Keep supplies organized.  Find parts that your builders need and (with teacher assistance) cut or modify parts as needed.  Make sure batteries are always plugged in and charging, and swap out batteries for your driver.  Help builders when needed.

    At the Tournament:  Make sure supplies stay organized and at our pit table.  Bring new batteries to your team before each match and make sure the old batteries are charging.  If our team is missing a needed supply, ask other teams about borrowing one.  When nothing to do between matches, help the marketers talk to other teams.


    Programmers - 

    In the Club: Work on programming your bot.  Try programming and refining your autonomous period code.  Create new code for your bot and test it.

    At the Tournament: Watch your matches and record how the robot does. Watch other teams and see what their robots do for the autonomous period.  Brainstorm ways to strengthen your autonomous code.  Communicate with your drivers.  What works with the controls and what would be easier if changed?  Can you make some of the controls faster or move buttons so the ones your team needs to push are closer together?  Help Builders and Marketers when you have nothing else to work on.