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Position: 8th grade Language Arts
Room: 707
Phone: (480) 883 - 5551
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Besides being a place of learning and practicing, my English classroom is a space for students to feel at home and comfortable with what is being taught. The class will be full of opportunities to learn, make mistakes, and further build and practice writing and reading skills in preparation for the future. Students will develop reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills while becoming more aware of the English language and how to properly use its grammar and mechanics.

My Education and Professional Background

Bachelor of Arts in English, focus on English Education from California State University, Chico / Teaching Credential for Secondary Education, English from California State University, Chico / Student Teaching English 9 & English 11 at Oroville High School, Oroville, CA My teaching experience includes the following: summer orientation reading & writing courses for incoming freshmen at CSU, Chico; team leader for English 30 sections at CSU, Chico; summer institutes for reading & writing at the high school levels in Sacramento, CA. I have experience teaching English 9 college preparatory and honors along with teaching English 10 college preparatory courses, moderating Student Leadership & Government, and teaching and producing Yearbook in Sacramento, CA.

My Educational Philosophy

I strongly believe that ALL STUDENTS CAN AND WILL LEARN when given the proper tools and resources. My goal as a teacher and a positive role model is to help the youth see the beauty in all that can one day change the world for the better; in the classroom is where students can begin influencing the future. With strong, fundamental reading skills, students can then practice and further build their writing by analyzing grammar and vocabulary usage. Strong rapport with students and their families (their OHANAS) is very important to me inside and outside of the classroom. My outlook is that my classroom, no matter who is in it, is part of my OHANA. We are One unit working Hard to be Academically responsible with little/no Negative energy affecting what Amazing things we will accomplish in the classroom.

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