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Position: Economics/12
Room: 121
Phone: 480-812-7771
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Since 1995, I have been blessed to be able to call Chandler High my home. The Social Studies Department is the best in the world. Not only that, but Chandler High has the most amazing children, and it is my greatest pleasure to come to work every day.

My Education and Professional Background

BAE in Secondary Education-Social Studies from Arizona State University. Master's in Community Counseling from University of Phoenix. Currently working on a PhD in Cognition and Instruction from Grand Canyon University. I also have over 30 graduate credits in Economics.

My Educational Philosophy

Human beings begin learning at the moment of birth. The infant quickly learns what he/she likes and dislikes. He/she learns about sounds, shapes, and facial expressions. All of the social studies have one very important component in common. They all highlight human behavior. In the study of Economics or Psychology, it is important to help the student see the importance of examining human behavior and how it changes or influences life as a whole. Once the students understands that connection, many concepts become amazingly clear.

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