About Terrence Richard...
 Subject / Grade: AP English language and composition/11th grade Dual enrollment Honors science and technical writing/12th grade
Room: J-105
Phone: (480) 424-8305
Email: Terrence Richard 
"I have never allowed schooling to interfere with my education."
-- Mark Twain

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Hello, I am very excited to be able to offer these two courses and the type of intellectual rigor that they require for the students at Camille Casteel High School. It is indeed a privilege to have the opportunity to help students move forward to a higher level of attainment in both rhetoric and logic.

My Education and Professional Background

I have fourteen years of experience teaching secondary English and five years of experience teaching undergraduate English. I am currently working on a second graduate degree, and my educational background is as follows:
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of Illinois
  • Master of Arts in Secondary Education, University of Arkansas
  • Master of Arts in English, Northern Arizona University—In Progress

My Educational Philosophy

The mind is the most powerful tool that human beings possess; consequently, attempting to reach one’s intellectual potential as a creative and critical thinker is one of the most enjoyable, empowering, and self-actualizing experiences available. Learning is fun!

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