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Subject / Grade 7th & 8th Mandarin
Room: 1001
Phone: 480-883-5512
Email: Wang
"Thankfulness creates gratitude which generates contentment that causes peace."
-- Todd Stocker

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Welcome! I am happy to have you in my Mandarin family classes this year, enjoy every mandarin minute!

My Education and Professional Background

I come from Confucius Institute, and I received my Bachelor's degree in Wuhan University in China and I studied German and Japanese as my second language during my university. After graduation I taught as an English teacher as well as German elective course teacher in Junior High and now I enjoy teaching both in Bogle and Hamilton.

My Educational Philosophy

I should make my Mandarin classroom a platform where students are given the opportunity to interact with ideas in a variety of ways, where they feel empowered to try new things and take chances, where they are challenged to meet their potential, and where they can experience the joy of learning. In order to achieve those goals, I am committed to working with students to create an environment that fosters respect and responsibility.

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