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Position: Visual Art
Room: 907
Phone: (480)812-7884
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Welcome to the visual arts program at Chandler High School! I look forward to working with all of the students who signed up for my art classes this year. I hope everyone has a safe, happy, and successful school year. Jewelry and metalsmithing is my area of expertise in art, and I enjoy sharing mt well

My Education and Professional Background

I have both an undergraduate and graduate degree in art. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kent State University and a Master of Fine Arts from Arizona State University. I completed my coursework for a teaching certificate at Arizona State University.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that art education is an integral part of a student's complete education. Visual arts classes provide students the opportunity to learn about culture, art history, and art making processes, and at the same time teach students to make decisions and problem-solve. Participation in visual arts classes can help students develop a sense of value and accomplishment.

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