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Position: Language Arts
Room: 57
Phone: (480)883-4657
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Thank you for visiting my page! Here you will find information about me as well as helpful links for my classroom. I'm incredibly thankful for this opportunity and look forward to an amazing year. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

My Education and Professional Background

I started this journey as a Spanish teacher in South Carolina in 2000. After five years of teaching, I quit to pursue a degree in Youth Ministry and Counseling. Being absent from the classroom caused me to discover that teaching is really what I was created to do, so I went back! After six more years of teaching High School Spanish, I pursued the necessary coursework to be certified in Middle Level Language Arts and am so happy that I completed that dream. With the extensive coursework in Psychology and Counseling, I also took the required exam to be certified to teach Psychology. In 2018, I completed my Master's of Reading at Grand Canyon University.

My Educational Philosophy

Combining all of my experiences, it is my passion and desire to help students learn more about themselves and other cultures as they study literature and writing. I believe that every student has the capability to change the world. It is my job to open up opportunities for students to explore that world. I not only desire to teach my students how to be proficient readers and writers, but how to self-advocate, think critically, and find their voice. They have to believe that they can be change-makers. I vow to do my best to create a safe and fun learning environment that will help them find their value educationally and personally. Much like the quote by Dr. King - intelligence plus character is the ultimate goal.

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