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Position: Multimedia & Film 9-12
Room: B-115
Phone: 480-883-5061
Email: Ingram

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Hi! Welcome to Mr. Ingram's web page. I'm a big San Francisco 49ers fan, born & raised in Santa Cruz, CA.

My Education and Professional Background

I received for my first BA in Journalism from San Diego State University, and received my second BA in Physical Education at Eastern Washington University. I was a TV Sports Anchor/Reporter at KTVL News10 in Medford, OR. Also, I was a Sports Photojournalist at KXLY 4 News in Spokane, WA, and hosted my own Sports Podcast Show.

My Educational Philosophy

My goal is to inspire students to be passionate about Multimedia & Film. I want to help my students to be successful and help them achieve their goals in the diverse multimedia industry. I will teach them to be versatile so they can have multiple skills and experience to work in a variety of multimedia jobs.

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