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Position: American Sign Language 1,2,3, & 4
Room: D223
Phone: 480-424-8903
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Welcome to American Sign Language and Varsity Locker! I am thrilled to be teaching here at ACP Erie where students come first!

My Education and Professional Background

I received my Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Deaf Studies and Interpretation from Central Washington University where I also played volleyball. I began working as an Educational Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing from 2009-2016. During that time I received my Masters in Educational Leadership from Concordia University. I have been a teacher since 2017 and continue to interpret at various events.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe every student can learn a new language, especially American Sign Language, as well as push their bodies to their full potential physically. It is what we tell ourselves thats important. When you find the your passion there is unlimited potential you can reach. Have an open mind, take risks, laugh more, and find out the treasure you have inside yourself!

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