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Position: Physical Education
Room: Multi-Purpose Room
Phone: (480)883-4022
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Welcome everyone to the Physical Education world. Not only will you be physically active, but also physically literate.

My Education and Professional Background

My Educational Philosophy

In my classroom of physical education, I aim to teach the whole student not just the physical aspects. Physical education matters because it is a part of everyday life skills. It provides students to learn about movement, strategies, teamwork, problem solving, and health related fitness. My physical education class will have challenges, be enjoyable, and social. Students will learn self-discipline, social skills, and to respect equipment along with each other. In teaching the whole student, I want to expose students to various physical activities, approaches of fitness, and sports while being safe. In doing this, this can allow for better enjoyment in physical activities while building social, psycho-motor, and cognitive skills. It is very important to me that students enjoy physical education and are able to build their confidence in their abilities, increase their knowledge in being healthy, and maintain being physically active all their lives.

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