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Position: Visual Arts - Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, AP Art Studio
Room: E100
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Welcome to Visual Arts! Through the study of visual arts, you will be given opportunities to explore the world, your ideas and your surroundings. You will learn to think creatively and innovatively. You will create art using different materials and techniques, while gaining new knowledge of artists, art movements and art forms. Remember, art is often subjective. The most important thing in the art classroom, is that you try your best, and know that we are all creative in our own unique way!

My Education and Professional Background

Art was always my favorite subject! I began my tertiary education by completing a Bachelor of Visual Communication and Design at the University of Newcastle, Australia. While working as a corporate Graphic Designer, I received my Masters in Teaching (Secondary) specializing in Visual Arts, with Distinction, from the same University in Newcastle, Australia. I have been teaching for the last two years in Australia, teaching grades 7 to 12 in Visual Arts, Photography, Digital Media, Ceramics and Visual Design. Upon my move across the Pacific Ocean to Gilbert, Arizona, I gained state certification and worked at a couple of middle schools and high schools, before becoming part of the ACP team!

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that every student has a right to education. This education ought to focus on the needs, academia and wellbeing of students as they develop their identity. Through education, students should become equipped with the understandings to create personal opinions and make choices, build interests, as well as learn the skills required to successfully participate and integrate in contemporary society. Art education provides students with opportunities to practice socio-cultural inquiry and seek meanings regarding self, identity and society. The art classroom creates a safe and supportive space for students to explore and expand their understanding of their individual world and other worlds while developing their conceptual and perceptual understandings, critical reasoning and practical skills.

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