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Subject / Grade Honors Biology & Investigative Science
Room: B102
Phone: 480-424-8038
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"Only the educated are free."
-- Epictetus

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My Education and Professional Background

I have a B.S. in Biology and a Ph. D. in Plant Biology. I have been teaching students (middle school through college as well as community classes) for nearly 20 years.

My Educational Philosophy

The purpose of education is to produce citizens who are well rounded, independent, productive, fair, compassionate, responsible, and critical thinkers capable of making the best choices (e.g., health, environmental, economic) for themselves, their families, and their communities. Therefore, the foundation of my methodology is based upon a philosophy that values student learning of concepts (content, fairness, compassion, empathy) and skills (science, critical thinking, soft, and life) that enable them to be free and successful as individuals and as a member of a diverse community. That is why, to me, the grade a student earns is not a representation of their quality or value as a human being. Nor is it a reflection of how “hard” a student worked. A grade is a representation of the student’s knowledge, skills, and their ability to effectively communicate the knowledge and skills at a given point in time.

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