• What is Close Up?

    Nonpartisan civic education organization established in 1971 dedicated to providing students with knowledge and skills to be informed and active citizens who can return as involved and empowered  to contribute to their communities.

    How does it work?

    Close Up’s Washington, DC, High School Program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to experience their government in action. During this 6-day/5-night program, students make personal connections with the people, institutions, and iconic sites that embody our nation’s past and present. On Close Up, students have the chance to:

    • Discuss current events with political experts, policymakers, and members of Congress or their staff;
    • Explore Capitol Hill and witness a live congressional committee hearing
    • Engage in meaningful discussions with peers from around the country and debate the most pressing issues facing our nation in a Mock Congress;
    • Be inspired by the famous monuments, world-renowned museums, and hallowed institutions that define our history; and
    • Get a glimpse of diplomacy up close by discovering an embassy and meeting an ambassador or diplomat.

    Who can participate?

    At Casteel any student may participate in the on-campus club, but only 9th-12th graders can travel to Washington DC. Close Up organizes the trip from, transportation, accommodations and activities.


    More Information about Close Up?

    Cllick here for the link: https://www.closeup.org/high-school/high-school-programs/