About Meyer...
Position: Biology 10th grade
Room: F206  Google Classroom
Phone: (480) 224-2976
Email: Meyer

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Hello! Welcome to my faculty page. All the resources you need can be found here or google classroom. Email me for details! I love science and teaching! I've wanted to teach since I was five, so combining that dream with my passion for science is a true dream come true! @meyersbioclass is my username to my Teacher's Instagram page! It is a fun way to get little updates on what we're doing in class. You or your student may be featured!

My Education and Professional Background

I have a bachelors degree in the art of education through Arizona State University

My Educational Philosophy

It is the thought that education means the combination of the role of the teacher, student, and community to provide society the best possible outcome for its people with education. I firmly believe one of these things cannot exist without the other. A proper education is a fundamental right for everyone, and I hope to be here to provide tools and resources for students to become successful as individuals in all aspects of life.

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