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Position: Physical Education Specialist
Room: 24
Phone: 480-812-6654
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Let’s be active, healthy and happy together! Throughout my years at Arizona State University, I have learned many different ways to educate students’ in Physical Education from some of the top people in this field of education. I believe that health habits start as young as the Elementary aged children, so my job as a Physical Education teacher is extremely important. The Physical Education teacher is a role model for physical, social, emotional and nutritional health at school. I plan to be a role model for the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to our WGA students. Our Gifted K-3 students will learn through the Dynamic Physical Education and Fitness for Life curriculums. This will help teach them important age-appropriate physical skills and cooperative activities. The Gifted 4-5th grade students will learn through the Sport Education and Fitness for Life curriculums, to gain more experience in positive social interactions and collaborative learning.

My Education and Professional Background

I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Business Marketing from Augsburg University, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was a college golfer, body builder, youth sports coach and group fitness instructor at this time. When I graduated I realized that health and physical activity made me feel the most fulfilled, and teaching children is my absolute passion. So, I moved to Arizona and everything has led me here at Weinberg Gifted Academy, which I am extremely grateful for! I recently graduated with my Master’s in Physical Education from Arizona State University. During that time I won the Outstanding Resident and Distinguished Graduate Awards. I also became the Co-Marketing Chair for Arizona Health and Physical Education, which is an organization run by teachers here in our state. We work towards continually educating the Health and Physical education teachers in Arizona, so that we can be the best for our students!

My Educational Philosophy

I understand that our Gifted students place a high importance in academics, as do I. Physical activity and healthy eating is proven to increase brain activity, thus making a student even more capable of learning. Every quarter we will have Wellness and Fitness Weeks, where I teach students age appropriate fitness and wellness activities that they will be able to use throughout their healthy and active life. To do this, working with the parents, faculty and community will be essential. There will be numerous Parent Nights throughout the year, Running and Yoga Club opportunities, Intramural Sports and physical activity breaks in your child’s classroom. I believe that a proper Physical Education program can work as preventative care for the future, and I care deeply about the health and happiness of my students. I will never stop working to make WGA an active, healthy and fun learning environment for our gifted students!

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