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    CHS Peer Mediation

    Peer Mediation Description: 

    Students are trained to become Peer Mediators in the Principles of Leadership class.  Students will learn about conflict resolution, human responses to conflict, and outcomes of conflict.  The goal of Peer Mediation is to provide students an opportunity to solve their differences as Peer Mediators lead them through the mediation process.

    The Ground Rules of the Mediation are:

    -I agree to work hard to solve the problem

    -I will not insult or disrespect the other students

    -I will not interrupt when the other student is talking

    -I will be honest

    Goals of the Peer Mediation Program:

    • To resolve minor disputes that interfere with the educational process
    • To build a stronger sense of cooperation and school community
    • To improve the school climate by decreasing tension and hostility
    • To increase student participation, self-esteem and develop leadership skills
    • To build communication and practical life skills