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Position: Kindergarten Special Education
Room: 14
Phone: 480 883-4500
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I am so excited to finally have a teaching position here at Hull Elementary in the Special Education program. Your children hold a special place in my heart and working with them on a day to day basis is amazing! Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead!

My Education and Professional Background

I am originally from Indiana. I received my Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education at Indiana University. Life experiences prevented me from really getting into teaching immediately. However, I have been working with children for a total of 13 years. My first position was as an Elementary technology teacher in Utah. From there I chose to stay home with my 2 beautiful children until my youngest was in preschool. I got a job in that same preschool and worked there with children ages 2-5 for 7 years. Needing a change, I got a job at Hull Elementary as a paraprofessional in the Special Education classroom. Luckily a position opened up and I took over the position of teacher. I am currently working on furthering my education to better serve your children.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe all children are capable of great things if given the opportunity to learn and grow in a loving environment where they are free to make mistakes until they can succeed in their own way and time.

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