ACP administration, teachers and staff are dedicated to maintaining as safe an environment as possible when students return to our campus. It is our intent to ensure procedures are in place to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all members of our school community. These include:
    1. Operating a block schedule throughout the course of the year to limit the number of potential contacts during the course of the school day.
    2. Adjusting the bell schedule to accommodate for the appropriate number of lunch periods to minimize numbers based on available interior and exterior seating.
    3. Requiring all members of the school community to wear masks as directed by the CUSD Governing Board.
    4. Limiting the number of guests in the office and requiring that all meetings be pre-arranged and by appointment only.
    5. Disinfecting classrooms daily and as needed during the course of the school day.
    6. Incorporating floor signage in the cafeteria to help maintain appropriate social distancing.
    7. Evaluating class size based on in person enrollment, course demand and available staffing.
    8. Placing hand sanitizer stations in all classrooms.
    9. Closing all drinking fountains (ensure your child brings water daily; water purchases can also be made in the cafeteria).
    10. Keeping the cafeteria open and available for students to purchase items throughout the majority of the school day.
    11. Ensuring no more than one student is allowed to leave a classroom at any given time for personal or academic needs. Please know emergency situations will be addressed promptly.
    12. Continually evaluating operating procedures throughout the course of the year and adjusting as appropriate and/or as directed by district and state officials.


    For additional information, please review the District Health & Safety FAQ.