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Position: 5th Grade
Room: 25
Phone: (480) 812-6200
Email: Stringe

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Hi! I'm Ms. Stringe and this is my first year as a part of the Conley family. I'm so excited to make this school year the best one yet!

My Education and Professional Background

I grew up in Sahuarita, Arizona and spent my summers in high school and college working with kids through teaching swim lessons to all age groups. After high school, I went on to graduate from Northern Arizona University with a bachelors in Elementary Education and certificate in Early Childhood Education. I worked as a preschool teacher in Flagstaff throughout college and have loved every minute I've been able spend with students helping them grow and achieve their goals

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that each and every child is capable of achieving amazing things. As a teacher, I view my role as a guide to help students realize their goals and provide them with any and all instruction and support needed to achieve those goals. I firmly believe in the power of allowing students to be 100% their authentic selves while at school. In my classroom, this means that students will always be embraced for who they are and encouraged to use their unique voice in our class community.

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