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Position: Priority PreK Teacher
Room: Room 9
Phone: 480-812-7439
Email: Zinkhon

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Hi PreK Families!

My Education and Professional Background

My name is Cathy Zinkhon (Ms. Cathy) and I am very excited�to be starting in the Chandler School District this year and especially at Shumway. I am coming from the Mesa School District after being there for the past 10 years. I began in Mesa as an Paraprofessional in a program very similar to the Priority PreK program here in Chandler. After about a year, I knew that I wanted to become a teacher. I have a B.A. in Psychology and my teaching certification in Early Childhood Special Education. A little personal information about me: I'm married and a mom of 2 daughters - one of whom has Autism. I love my pool and making fires in our fire pit to make hot dogs and S'mores. I enjoy watching movies, drinking coffee, and shopping on Amazon!

My Educational Philosophy

My approach to teaching and learning has always been 'You have to reach them, to teach them.' If students are not engaged, if the material isn't relatable to them or interesting to them, the likelihood of them learning and retaining new information is small. As a teacher, part of my job is to take the content and curriculum that is provided and mold and shape it into PreK-sized pieces that students will want to engage in and with. In addition to manipulating and presenting the material to students, as a Special Education teacher, I recognized that children with special needs and all children sometimes need more than just engagement, and they need individual support and instruction at times. Meeting children where they are at in their skill acquisition and moving them forward in their learning is building foundations for future learning.

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