• Enriched Learning Opportunities (ELO)


    As a site, we've realized there are some elements offered when we are in-person that we haven't been able to effectively provide in a virtual environment. Because of this, we will begin engaging with our students in Enriched Learning Opportunities (ELO's) on Wednesday's (first school-wide ELO will be September 2. NO ELO on September 9, due to the short week).


    ELO's will provide students with opportunities to choose to meet with teachers of all subjects for enrichment, review & intervention, engage in small group opportunities, work with members of our College, Career & Counseling Center, participate in various support groups, work on assignments with peers as well as individually, focus on test prep (ACT, SAT, AP, school assessments), prepare college applications, review & understand scholarship opportunities, develop and address four-year plans & goals, and engage with various clubs and other school organizations.


    Students will still be responsible for checking in to the appropriate classes to report their attendance, but no new material will be shared in order for students to get questions answered, focus on various components of content they might be struggling, take time to complete tasks and assignments, and prepare/study for upcoming assessments along with the other opportunities provided via ELO's.


    We are excited to be able to offer more for our students in our virtual environment and encourage our students to take advantage of Wednesday's ELO's to continue to learn, master material, and to grow.