12-16 COVID PHS Update   



    Good afternoon,

    First and foremost, we want to thank you for working with us through these challenging times.  We know that COVID has touched the lives of our families and we acknowledge what students and families are experiencing, both at home and at school.  As we approach semester finals, we want you to know that Perry teachers and staff acknowledge and understand the struggles that some students experienced during the first quarter with virtual learning.  We also know that the transition from virtual to in-person learning has not been as fluid as we would have liked.  In preparation for final exams, they will reflect material that was covered this semester and our instructors are committed to working with our students as we finish out the term. Every effort will be made to assist students during this time. Perry teachers take great pride in their students and our school learning community.  

    Please make note of the important information CUSD shared last Friday.   

    Virtual Learning opportunity approved by the Board:

    • If you would like your student to participate in this virtual opportunity, please leave message on the attendance line, 480-224-2803  
    • Please notify us by January 4, 2021

    New guidelines for Face Masks, effective January 5, 2021:

    • Face shields will no longer be an acceptable face covering for students unless a medical exemption is provided by a licensed healthcare provider and is on file with the school site.   

    New guidelines for Quarantine – effective January 5, 2021

    In accordance with new CDC guidelines, the 14-day quarantine period may end:

    • after 10 days without testing if no symptoms have occurred
    • after 7 days if no symptoms have occurred and a documented negative test result has been provided to the school

    If choosing to return after 7 days, the test sample must have been collected at least 5 days after exposure.  Send-off PCR tests are preferred, but rapid PCR or antigen tests are acceptable.

    If students are exposed again during quarantine, the period must start over.  If students develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 during the quarantine period, you must follow the instructions for isolating yourself and notify the school.

    Positive COVID cases, communication during break:

    • We encourage families to notify us of any active COVID-19 cases that develop over the winter break.  For any student’s positive diagnosis that occurs between December 18, 2020 and January 4, 2021, please send an email with the student’s name and ID number to Health@cusd80.com.  Please also attach documentation of the test result.


    • Students that are currently quarantined by Perry can take their finals within the first 2 weeks of school, January 5 through January 15.  Students and teachers will work together to determine a time that works after school.  A

    0 (zero) will be entered into the gradebook, but it will change when the final is taken and entered into the gradebook in January. 

    • Students that choose the virtual opportunity approved by the Board from January 5 through January 15 will have the option to take finals from January 19-January 27, 2021.  Students and teachers will work together to determine a time that works after school.

    Please visit the CUSD District website  Return to School - Safer, Stronger, Together / Reopening 2020 (cusd80.com) for more detailed information on the above items.  


    Thank you for being patient with us.  We appreciate the continued support and feedback as we progress with purpose towards 2021.  Please have a safe and relaxing break.




    Perry High Administration Team