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Position: Theatre/7th-12th
Room: D4
Phone: 480-424-8100
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The history of being a storyteller has been handed down through many generations of my family and now I do it with the same respect for dignity, inspiration, and human spirit through tech, directing, and teaching. I am user friendly and patient, but deadlines are deadlines in the theatre business and school. My door is open. If you're checking to see if I am "Pepper" Power, that's me, the name I grew up with here in Queen Creek.

My Education and Professional Background

Shakespearean Festival Director for 27 years in California, A partial EdD in Theatre Education, also an MA from CSUB, and a BA from BYU. I was also a graduate of Chandler High in 74. I've worked for NBC as an animator and Power Ranches as Foreman of Potato Operations

My Educational Philosophy

Performance is the essence of personal discipline, not the absense. The best education is to do what we study, as guided by someone who believes their subject area is one of the most important things anyone can learn.

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