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    Position: Investigative Science Teacher

    Room: N 206

    Phone: (480) 883-5246

    Email: Mr. Zachariah Delgadillo

    Mr. Zachariah Delgadillo

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    Welcome to Investigative Science! We will be covering a wide range of topics this year. I hope you're ready to put in the work. It'll be a great year!

    My Education and Professional Background

    I graduated Grand Canyon University with a Bachelors degree in Biology for Secondary Education. I student taught here at Hamilton High School for the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year. I then was a site substitute for the second semester.I have been teaching as full-time certified staff since July of 2021 and am currently pursuing a master's degree in Anatomical Sciences from the the University of Florida.

    My Educational Philosophy

    Investigative Science is a hands on class which means that there is a focus on students driving their learning. I not only want students to grow academically but also personally. Even if science is not their passion or their strongest subject, I want them to see that if the effort is there they can be better every day.