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Position: General Music - Traveling
Room: Room 29/Orchestra Room
Phone: 480-883-4300
Email: Kollmorgen

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I'm Brandon Kollmorgen and I am a Traveling Music Teacher within the Chandler School District. I am very excited to be spending time here with the Tarwater Toro's, as well as, over at Basha Elementary and Fulton Elementary for this year. In my free time I can either be found hanging out with my dogs or practicing my trumpet. I am

My Education and Professional Background

My Educational Philosophy

Music Education is more than just simply teaching students how to sing or play an instrument. To me, teaching music is about exploring new ways of learning musical skills and ultimately growing as human beings. There is a strong emphasis on building a sense of community that will last our lifetime and beyond. Every student has a chance to feel success in a musical environment, whether it be through singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or using technology to bring their musical ideas to life! I hope to share my experiences with students to not only work to learn concepts and become better musicians, but create an all-inclusive community to help us grow together.

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