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Position: Certified Teacher - Special Education
Room: E224
Phone: (480) 883-5262
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Hello! My name is Colin Smith, and I am proud to officially introduce myself as a Husky! I am originally from Los Angeles, but my family and I have lived here in Chandler for the last 31 years. I have been in Special Education for six years and this will be my third year as a teacher. I have a passion for the culinary arts, and I enjoy creating new recipes and scouring the valley for tasty treats. In my spare time I enjoy gardening, writing music, DJing and crushing my wife and son at Mario Kart

My Education and Professional Background

In 2015, I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Two years later I would go back to school and earn my teaching certificate in Arizona. As of 2017, I have been a full-time secondary school educator across the east valley, teaching a variety of content including American history, mathematics, life sciences and social-emotional wellness.

My Educational Philosophy

In addition to teaching standardized content and curriculum, I believe that successful learning stems from peer and adult interactions and relationships. The single most important gift that we can give our children is a relationship with a caring adult who believes in their abilities to succeed in all areas of their lives. Research has shown that optimal learning environments that promote student success include the perception of safety and comfortability, interpersonal connection and trust

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