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Position: Algebra 1 and College Algebra
Room: E115
Phone: (480) 833-5179
Email: Sakauye

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Hello everyone, and welcome to math class! I am so excited to be joining the Hamilton Huskies this year and getting to know all of you! From a multitude of logical thinking and reasoning skills, to descriptions of natural phenomena, math is and is used everywhere! I hope to broaden your perspectives on what math can be, and hopefully surprise you a bit!

My Education and Professional Background

This is my first year of teaching and I'm excited to share it with you! In 2020, I graduated from ASU with a Bachelors of Arts in math (along with a minor in Mandarin Chinese! 大家好!). I was originally supposed to study abroad in Taiwan, but everything changed when the pandemic attacked. I changed plans and went right back to ASU to work on my Masters in Secondary Education, which I recently graduated from in July, 2021!

My Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy includes: all people are capable of learning through hard work and thought. No one is an exception.

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