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Position: Honors English 9 & AP World History
Room: D102
Phone: 480-424-8852
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Welcome to Mr. Osborne’s class. I am thrilled to be joining you at ACP. I will be teaching English and History to our Freshmen this year. I received my BA in History from Arizona State University and my MA in Teaching from Grand Canyon University. I am originally from Massachusetts, but I am now a proud resident of Arizona.

My Education and Professional Background

Education and Professional Background (part 1) I believe that learning is an interactive process that can happen both inside and outside of the classroom. Students learn best when they are encouraged to make learning personal by identifying connections between the content and their lives. This also means that students should be encouraged to pursue a wide variety of texts that cover diverse topics and interests. Education and Professional Background (part 2) For effective learning to take place, students must be connected to the classroom in which they feel safe, a classroom that encourages risk taking without the fear of having the “wrong” or unpopular answer. Lessons should include problem solving strategies which students will use for the rest of their lives.

My Educational Philosophy


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