• About Mrs. Stephanie Courvisier MS-RN, MEd...

    Position: Medical Professions Educator, Registered Nurse

    Team/Department: CTE

    Room: F303

    Phone: 480.224.3072

    Email: Mrs. Stephanie Courvisier MS-RN, MEd

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    Welcome to Medical Professions! Med Pro 1 is designed to introduce you into the numerous options that exist in the medical field while laying the foundation to complete your CNA/LNA while in high school. Med Pro 2 is focused on preparing you to meet the requirements to sit for your nursing assistant exam through learning the necessary skills and applying those skills in the clinical setting with patients/residents.

    My Education and Professional Background

    I am excited about combining my love for nursing and my passion for teaching high school! Before attending nursing school at The University of Arizona, I was a high school Biology, Honors Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology teacher for ten years. Six of those years were spent here at Perry when the school first opened. I have also taught as adjunct faculty for nine years between MCC, CGCC, and Arizona College. After graduating with my RN, I have worked as a hospice RN, a home health RN focusing mostly on wound care, as a clinical educator for two hospitals, as the Arizona Market Director of Clinical Education, and Interim Director of Telemetry. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Athletic Training from Grand Canyon University (GCU), my Masters of Education in Secondary Education from GCU, and my Masters of Science in Nursing from The University of Arizona.

    My Educational Philosophy

    To allow students to be able to explore their learning styles to find optimal ways to retain and recall large amounts of material. I also strive to assist students in learning compassion and empathy to apply in their future medical careers.